Your carpets and upholstery take a beating every day. Dirt builds up. Much of this dirt is buried deep within the pile. As well as damaging the pile and reducing the life of your carpet, the dirt could also be harbouring harmful mites and bacteria – dangerous enough to cause allergic reaction. A better than usual going over with the vacuum cleaner won’t do the trick. Even the more powerful vacuum cleaners and shampooers simply haven’t got what it takes to get rid of that deep-down dirt or deal with those nasty germs!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning by Total Cleaning Scotland


Regular cleaning of leather and upholstery using non-leather products can be detrimental to the finish of your leather. Baby wipes, washing up liquid and other none leather products eventually build up and collect dirt which inturn, starts to destroy the lacquer finish. This then exposes the leather which starts to crack, unnoticeable at first but even by this time it may be damaged and passed-cleaning. Regular cleaning and protection, with advice from a professional is paramount to the longevity of your leather upholstery. Not only can we clean your leather, but we can also correct the lacquer finish and give you advice and products to give your leather years and years of use while making it easier for you to maintain, so we arn’t coming back every 6 months to do it all again. With our expert help we can get your leather back on track and help you to keep it that way, saving you time and money in the long run.