Karndean/Amtico/Vinyl Cleaning


Karndean/Amtico/Vinyl Floor Cleaning for domestic and commercial properties has become a lot more common as these types of flooring have become so popular. It comes in many different finishes that can replicate pretty much any surface. Professional cleaning and restoration techniques from Total Cleaning And restoration Services will effectively restore the floor to new or better. This Flooring is very popular due to its luxurious finish and long lasting durable properties. The flooring can be expensive to buy and install so professional cleaning and maintenance is recommended to keep it looking great and to increase its lifespan. These types of Floors have a protective seal on them that through time will scratch and wear away. To restore to new we would strip off the old seal and apply several coats of seal and high gloss if required. Vinyl floors are very popular and is most popular in single rolls and are very common in kitchens and bathrooms. Through heavy usage and inadequate cleaning they can become in ground with stains and smells that need professionally cleaned and can be sealed to protect and improve the finish.