Specialist Stone Polishing



Travertine tile is a natural material that has unique features that no other stone can offer. The distinctive design of Travertine creates some of the most distinguished floor tiles. Travertine is ideal for commercial and residential use. It can be used for floor tile, kitchen flooring, bathroom wall tile, bathroom floor tile, and it is often used externally aswell. This type of unique stone requires to be stripped, cleaned, polished back up, and finally sealed to help preserve all its natural beauty and features that make it so distinctive. Here at Total Cleaning we have the experience and training required to carry out such jobs with the confidence of fantastic results at the end.


Terrazzo is the by-product of broken pieces of stone often Marble, Limestone and Granite, which rather than being wasted are set into to a cement screed and pored onto the floor. Then once the screed is set it is grinded to a polish. Terrazzo has actually been around for a long time, but mainly became popular in the 1920s when the first electrical grinders showed up on the building sites making the process of polishing much easier.


Marble is much denser and harder than its close relatives travertine and limestone. Due to this durability along with its glorious surface interest, marble tiles are used in many boutique hotels and other glamorous locations. Different types of marble present different characteristics and here at Total Cleaning we are specially trained to combat each type and know best how to clean, polish or maintain your marble tiles.