Big success for SFHA conference

CGC has praised the SFHA for its “hugely successful” annual conference held in Glasgow.

The well-attended occasion for the fist time featured CGC as one of the exhibitors.

It allowed the company to showcase its work, CGC’s growing engagement with housing providers and its deep-rooted and ongoing commitment to social justice and supporting communities.

CGC Director Ronnie McDowell who attended the Conference said the SFHA was continuing to perform a vital role supporting and lobbying hard for Scotland’s housing associations and housing co-operatives.

Ronnie said: “The SFHA Conference which we attended for the first time was a valuable opportunity for CGC to learn more about the inspiring work of the housing association movement.

“We have a lot in common – notably in supporting communities which housing associations and housing co-operatives carry out with distinction. CGC looks forward to returning next year.”